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Benworldwide Launches Green Hosting Website for LMNTAL: A New Era in Sustainable Hosting




LMNTAL is a pioneering Canadian company in the green hosting industry

Sri Lankan Innovation on the Global Stage:

Local Expertise, Global Impact: As a Sri Lankan company, we’re proud to partner with LMNTAL. This collaboration allows us to showcase our talent and expertise on the international stage. We’re confident that our combined efforts will deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for the global market.

The launch of LMNTAL’s new website,, marks a significant milestone in our journey together.

What is LMNTAL

LMNTAL Green Data is pioneering sustainable digital solutions through its eco-friendly data centers powered by renewable energy. The company emphasizes green hosting to meet the rising demand for environmentally responsible web services. With services like object storage, campus colocation, custom green data workloads, and data architecture projects, LMNTAL aims to offer scalable, secure, and energy-efficient solutions. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their operations, from owning renewable energy sources to designing custom servers that significantly reduce power needs. This approach not only aligns with environmental responsibilities but also promises lower operational costs and a competitive edge in a greener future

Core Offerings

LMNTAL offers a variety of green data center services including custom green data workloads, custom data architecture projects, and campus colocation services. Their data centers are designed to be energy efficient and use renewable energy sources. They also offer object storage which is a way to store data online.

Why Choose LMNTAL Green Data

Reduced environmental impact: LMNTAL prioritizes sustainability by using renewable energy sources and energy-efficient servers. This focus on green technology helps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Lower costs: LMNTAL’s data centers are also designed to be scalable and cost-effective.

High-performance computing: LMNTAL offers high-performance computing resources to meet the needs of its customers.

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