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Looks matter.


This is the decisive juncture where one gets the first impression of your company/brand which in turn influences their deciding factor on whether to go ahead or revoke back.

Hence at BWW, we aim at creating websites – that stand out uniquely, are visually engaging and helps you build that distinctive online presence. We are keen and eager to learn more about your business, pick up the phone or simply send us an email.

Check out our Web Design Portfolio – we’re exceptionally proud of it.


We don’t mislead.


Our web solutions do come at a slightly higher investment, but, if you consider how a great web design affects the psychology of a potential viewer (who could be your customer) when you are being compared to your competition, that extra investment becomes your benefiting factor.

Furthermore, when you invest in a carefully designed website it goes a long way to convey to your customers,that you’ve gone that extra mile, which further translates to the thinking, “You sure are serious about your business, hence you mean serious business”.

At BWW, we understand and know that web design forms a critical component of the overall website strategy hence while designing your website we ensure that the design concept proves to be appealing and effective with  your target market


The web design process


Our web design methodology is a combination of careful analysis, strategic planning and execution.


  • You define your business needs.
  • We understand your goals and objectives.
  • We go on to conceptualize them into a design.
  • We give room for additional changes or inputs.
  • Only after your final approval do we progress on and build / develop your solution.
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