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e-commerce solution

We use the world’s most popular modern e-commerce platform


We use the modern e-commerce platform, which allows to create functional and fully personalized online store.

Thanks to the fact that the source code is released on open-source license, it has huge community and plenty of extensions (mostly free of charge), which enrich functionality of this product.


What makes our solution so popular & powerful?


Things that make us stand out from other platforms:


  • Adjustment to individual requirements is fast and easy thanks to the perfect separation of presentation layer from content, modular structure and core based on Zend Framework.
  • Huge community focused around this project together with its popularity results in massive number of available extensions and ongoing product improvement.
  • Advanced administration panel that allows to manage practically each of all store’s functionalities (including ability to define how pages are displayed).
  • Multilingualism support and possibility to manage many stores from the level of one administration panel.




Check some of the most important features:


  • Extensive products features (e.g. cross sales, suggestive sales, related products, ability to create custom product features).
  • Advanced client account area (e.g. orders history, wish list, newsletters sign up, custom products tags).
  • Defining custom shipping rate table, based on weight, location or products quantity.
  • Search engine optimization (ability to define custom URL addresses).
  • Possibility to market via blog.
  • Loyalty points and discount codes system.
  • Integration with most popular shipping companies (e.g. UPS, USPS, DHL).
  • Possibility to implement practically any payment gateway.



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