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Sri Lanka In Style was born in 2004 as a loose association for small luxury hotels, villas and service operators in Sri Lanka. Its aim was to provide a central platform from which we could all share resources, information and ideas, and market ourselves together as luxury travel specialists. In 2005 we set up a travel arm to handle incoming travellers to Sri Lanka. Today Sri Lanka In Style is firmly established as one of the leading travel companies in Sri Lanka. We are the local partner for some of the worlds top travel specialists and private travel designers. We are also proud to be the exclusive Virtuoso On-Site for Sri Lanka.


The company’s philosophy revolves around the concept of “traveling in style” which for us primarily means helping our clients connect with Sri Lanka in interesting and insightful ways. Style shouldn’t be confused with luxury although they often go hand in hand. Sometimes we consider a grounding, earthy experience such as camping or staying in a mud hut as ‘in style’ because it helps you connect with what is “different”, “real” and “true” about Sri Lanka. Our goal is that you return from your journey feeling rested, relaxed and pampered if that is what you seek, but also fulfilled and stimulated, with stories to tell friends and family of the wonderful things that you have seen, the people you’ve met along the way, and the experiences that you’ve had in Sri Lanka.

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